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If you happen to be looking for a top of the line Omaha party bus to use for your fun night in Omaha, Nebraska, then be glad to know that you're on the right website! Read on to satisfy your curiousities about the details of our business. We've been leaders in the industry for years because we know how to provide amazing customer service both on the road and over the phone. Whether it's a bar hopping trip to spots like Bar 415, Beercade, the Homy Inn, or a wedding at the Paxton Ballroom, our commitment to quality remains the same.

We are happy to offer limo bus transportation in the greater Omaha area and we have a seemingly unlimited amount of types of limo buses to ensure customer happiness from square one. Each and every one of the limo buses offered from our company have their very own style with their own top of the line appearance that provide every vehicle gives a new adventure for every customer. Every trip is different, and that's a challenge that we enjoy taking on every day and night. It's why every event runs smoothly with us along for the ride.

The best part about using a luxury transport service is taking advantage of all of the cool amenities that are found within! Our limo buses are loaded with a great deal of modern entertainment and navigation features including big screen televisions, countertop bar areas complete with cup holders, stripper poles for entertainment, beautifully crafted high-end audio systems with woofers for your musical playlists and more to enjoy! We update our vehicles with all of the latest features so that your experience is cutting edge as well.

We pride ourselves on offering great customer support from square one, and continuing it until we drop you off at your final destination. Our limo buses are cleaned before and after every single use ensuring that they are in the best possible shape for your great evening. Our team of mechanics, chauffeurs, and representatives make us proud every day! Have a look around the site so you can learn more about us. Don't hold off on contacting us with any questions or inquiries that you might have. We can't wait to hear from you today!


Events in Omaha!

Bachelor Parties

We know how to turn this specific celebration into an exciting and memorable time out. It only happens once, so put your trust in the professionals.

Bar Crawls

There are a ton of opportunities to enjoy the bar and nightclub scene here. With one of our modern vehicles, you and your group of friends will always be safe and sound.


You don't need an event to use one of our vehicles! Locals know that we're the number to call when they're looking to elevate their usual weekend partying experience.

School Dances

Prom and homecoming are special times in the lives of younger adults. As their parent, you want to ensure they're safe, and that's what we're here to assure to you.

Our commitment to you


Over our years of service to the community, we've had the pleasure and privilege of being in the drivers seat for every event imaginable, and others you might have not thought up yet. This is just another testament to our ability to adapt our transportation to whatever our client asks of us, and we do this every day! This should be a great relief to those who have been searching for a company who puts their satisfaction and safety first without giving up any quality. We are confident that your specific event will benefit tenfold when it is graced with a vehicle from us!

Think about it, there are quite a lot of local events to consider checking out when you're in the area whether you're someone who is just visiting or a long time resident looking to experience the city in a way you haven't before. We'll give you some ideas! Events such as the Nebraska Balloon and Wine Festival, Septemberfest, Omaha Lit Fest, and the MAHA Festival become entirely new celebrations when you're experiencing them inside of a feature filled vehicle that is customized for your enjoyment. Not to mention, there is always cover from any bad weather at these event with our vehicle.

The reason why people call our business up time and time again is simple. Your satisfaction is our priority, and that means your safety and comfort always comes first when you're with us, and our clients notice that. Our chauffeurs have lots of knowledge about the city and surrounding communities and they are happy to impart wisdom if you're looking for a great destination to add to your itinerary. You don't have to come up with a scheduled list though, and that's the beauty of using our service. The entire experience is up to you, and that freedom elevates any event.

With attention to detail, meticulously maintained vehicles, modern features and a commitment to affordability, it is easy to set your sights on one of our options for your celebration. If you have never reserved this service before, it's easy to go through our efficient quote process. Any questions you have will be answered so you can get a clear visual of what to expect on your trip from start to finish. And don't worry, we'll take care of all of the tiny details so that all you have to worry about is stepping on board the vehicle to socialize with all of your awesome friends.


Why us?

Attention to detail

We think your event is just as important as you think it is, and we'll prove it.

Affordable pricing

You work hard for your money, and you definitely deserve your entire worth.

Relevant experience

It is guaranteed that we've provided service to a similar event successfully.

No limits transportation

Feel free to pitch your idea to us, and we'll do our best to work with you.