Omaha Limo Bus



Our Pricing Explained

Many of our customers assume that our limo buses are not affordable. That is until they talk with our staff! We offer the highest quality vehicles at the most affordable price and this makes our competitors sweat a bit. This ensures that we can offer excellent transportation at a price that customers can respect. We offer the best prices in the city of Omaha, and we're absolutely able to do so by passing on our savings to our customers, each and every time. You will only pay for what you need all based on the way in which we set our prices.

When you get a price quote you'll notice that our prices are reasonable for Omaha. That said, if you just so happen to be looking to save more and will be staying at one place all evening, you can consider our "Pick Up and Drop Off Services" package which is sure to save you a substantial amount of cash, and you will absolutely enjoy the exclusivity of relaxing in one of our incredible vehicles. Costs vary by the day of the week, as well as by availability and number of hours of service. Please note that costs may increase during our popular season, which are between early May and early June. If you're looking to save money, we suggest avoiding these busy times as well as dividing the cost amongst all of the passengers.

Make sure to reach out to us when you're ready to book your limo bus! Our telephones are ready all day and night and we are prepared to take your call. The only information that Omaha Limo Bus needs are how many people will be riding, the date in which you need an Omaha limousine, and a rough list of where you'd like to go. This information lets us provide you with a quote that is completely tailored to your event. Your quote is all inclusive and consists of our hourly rate and includes chauffeurs' gratuity, fuel costs, and any other costs that might be added on at the last second with other Omaha limo companies. Omaha Limo Bus likes to think that our prices are the best in Omaha and we make an effort to be 100% transparent for our clients!